It’s Time To Come Together

The United Nation’s goal of “Zero Hunger” by 2030 cannot be achieved by one person or a group of people’s actions. The world must come together to achieve this goal. Climate change affects all parts of the world with unexpected weather conditions. Weather can not be controlled, unfortunately, but how we respond to these natural disasters can help achieve this goal.

Imagine If We Could Control Weather

Storms and weather patterns around the world are affecting the growth cycle of crops. Here in the United States, we have the luxury of going to a nearby…

Buying Fresh Fruit Is A Sign Of Wealth Now A Days

The goal of “Zero Hunger” starts with the issue of poverty. Poverty is all around us in every community. The richest to the poorest countries around the world have people living in poverty. There is no doubt that people living in poverty are deprived of essential food nutrients. The poverty issue can be a systematic problem or a personal problem. People’s bad habits lead them to poverty, but it can also be a systematic issue. High food prices can leave people incapable to afford proper meals. I have seen…

Achieving “Zero Hunger” is no easy task. Since the evolution of mankind humans have tried to achieve this goal. From agricultural, scientific, and mechanical methods the world has failed to achieve this goal. The goal to end hunger has been a challenge for hundreds if not, thousands of years. The goal is so important because it keeps the population healthy and at a steady growth rate. Achieving “Zero Hunger” reduces many other things like diseases, pollution, etc. The elimination of hunger reduces many other global deficiencies which is why it is such an important goal for the United Nations.


Malnourishment is the lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right things, or being unable to use the food that one does eat. You cannot talk about the goal of “Zero Hunger” without mentioning the underlying effect it has on humans globally. Malnourishment is present in all parts of the world. Malnourishment does not only affect humans that reside in third-world countries! Malnourishment has its effect on the human body whether it is internally or externally. …

In this blog post, I will be interviewing my parents who have experienced the devastating effects of prolonged hunger. Hunger is a rare feeling for someone who has lived here in the United States for most of their lives. Sources are plentiful and at the hands of the consumers, the thoughts of hunger are usually taken for granted.

The Challenge

Before the year 1999, my parents grew up in Iraq where food shortages were quite frequent. Having food was a rare sight. The first question I asked my parents was, “how many meals did the average family eat in a…

In this blog post, I will write about the sustainability goal of “Zero Hunger.” This blog will tackle all aspects to inform the public of why most of the world is going hungry. Not only why, but the blog will also introduce certain solutions backed by evidence and statistics on how the globe together can reach this goal.

Some Questions That Will Be Answered Throughout The Blog:

How much of the world’s population is going through malnutrition?

What are some of the causes of “hunger?”

How can the world together change or improve certain aspects of everyday life to reach…

Mourad Mourad

Student at the University Of Buffalo

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